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We love it here, you will too

Welcome to Heale Farm.

Our Story

We moved to North Devon from Berkshire in 2016 along with our chocolate lab Bella and our two horses Shalinda and Roger, following our dream to own a farm and live a more sustainable lifestyle. We bought a totally off grid small holding, in need of serious attention with 8 acres and over the next few years fully embraced off grid living and being part of a wonderful community with a shared approach to life. Our small farm had allowed us to escape from busy working lives and given us the freedom we hoped for, also giving us the time to step back and really develop our vision for the future to offer unique holiday retreats and an opportunity for people to work with the horse and nature retreat programme. We both share a passion for the outdoors and a love for wild open, rugged and secluded spaces. Dean has a passion for fishing, growing up waist high in water and fishing the wilds of Scotland, Montanna and Dartmoor, whilst Judith always outdoors with dogs and horses, growing up on a farm in Northumberland. We know from experience just how important the environment and nature is for wellness and wellbeing and so while on a trip to the Scottish Highlands to collect our new puppy Sidney (big mistake!) we both knew this was the environment we were looking for to follow our vision. On our return to Devon we could not imagine finding somewhere so dramatic without moving a long way from our family which we could not even consider and also we had fallen in love with North Devon. A year later a chance trip to Exmoor blew us away and we could not believe how beautiful it was with the same rugged, wild landscape we adore. There it is! We found and fell in love with Heale Farm, hidden away at the end of a long lane in the tiny hamlet of Heale near Parracombe. With spectacular views of the sea and moors and within Exmoor National Park, it is a small hill farm with 23 acres of pasture, woodland and grazing rights over a further 18 acres of rugged Exmoor land. Forty years ago the farm was bought and restored by a family who turned it into a thriving dairy farm however over the years the original farmhouse and majority of land had been sold and the original farm buildings converted into a farmhouse and three self-catering barns. No farming activity had been carried out for a number of years and the machinery barn had been all but abandoned but for us it was absolutely perfect, our home, a place to grow our farming enterprise and our retreats. We love Heale Farm and since moving here in December 2019, we have added to our animal family with our six rare breed sheep and twelve chickens, all living happily alongside our horses. We have fully refurbished the self-catering barns, all reflecting our personality to offer wonderful holiday retreats. With our very special environment and our commitment to promote a healthier lifestyle we are now delighted to be able to share our passion for the outdoors and nature and offer our Horses and Nature Retreats and our Fitness and Wellbeing Move retreats. We completely loved living off grid and the huge benefits this brings and as part of our vision for the future of Heale Farm, we aim to move towards becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly, working closely with Exmoor National Parks, local producers and the community, caring for nature and taking responsibility for what we do each and every moment.

We love it here at Heale Farm , we hope you do to.

Judith & Dean

Heale Farm - Exmoor
We completely loved living off grid and the huge benefits this brings so as part of our vision for the future of the farm, we aim to move towards becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly, working closely with Exmoor National Parks, local producers and the community, caring for nature and taking responsibility for what we do each and every moment.

Meet Bella and Sidney

Our dogs
Bella is our 8 year old Chocolate Lab, she just loves mooching around the farm and she adores water so muddy puddles, our stream or the beach she is a very happy girl. Sidney (Sid) is our 2 year old Weinerama x Visla and is also chocolate in colour. He has the most adorable character but of course living on Exmoor he just wants to run and jump so he has had a few scrapes in his short life.

Meet Shalinda and Roger

Our horses
Shalinda is a Grey Arab Mare, she is 20 years old and she has been part of our family since she was 6 years old. She has the most amazing nature, very intelligent, an amazing listener a little stubborn, will not take any nonsense and will clearly let you know so we need to listen too! Roger is a Dark Bay Trekener x Thoroughbred, he is 20 year old and has been part of our family since he was 10 years old, he is a strong character, mischievous but very calm and gentle who takes life in his stride, hates flies and loves his creature comforts.

Meet the lambs

Bottoms up
We are very excited and proud to own our own flock of sheep, bred by our wonderful friends and Vets from West Country Valais. Demi and Dotty are our Swiss Valais Blacknose twins, both so tiny when they were born, it was touch and go but they are now healthy and strong. William is our Swiss Valais Blacknose Wether, just a big cuddly lamb who is more puppy like than lamb, running towards us with his tail wagging, for food of course! Nettle is Valais Blacknose/Badger/ Dartmoor and has the thickest curly wool and true to her name always covered in nettle leaves. Willow and Bramble are Valais Blacknose/ Badger and both are a little shy but very sweet lambs.

Meet the chickens

The Cup Cups
Our chickens are around twenty weeks old and have just started laying eggs, we have 12 chickens and all different breeds. With just too many to name they are fondly known as the Cup Cups.


Stay in one of our three self-catering converted stone barns with luxury interior reflecting our personality and
commitment to the environment, all dog friendly.

Please Give Us a Call

We are normally out enjoying Exmoor but please give us a call if you have any questions. If we are not around please leave a message. Call 01598 763 813 or fill in the form and we will get back to you.

Our Retreats

Horses and Nature Retreats & Fitness and Wellness Retreats are offered throughout the year in our stunning environment and provided by experienced and qualified professionals.

Heale Pantry

Please call us for the food shopping list and we will do the rest, (subject to availability and in season), so you can arrive knowing your fridge/cupboard is full of yummy goodies. All you need to do is relax and enjoy!

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Perfect place to come and stay with access to lots of walking and so quiet. Comfortable beds, 2 bathrooms and wonderful views of the sunset from the sitting room on the first floor. Small enclosed private garden that was very useful for the dog.
Amy Johnson